Treating a wide array of orthopedic conditions and injuries, functional limitations of a muscle, joint, ligament, or tendon can impact your functional activities of daily living, your mobility, and overall independence and we are here to help you overcome all of that and more.

We will perform a functional movement assessment to help identify musculoskeletal and functional limitations and help identify areas of improvement to base your treatment around and help you reach your goals.

You will receive an individualized treatment plan based on specific muscle/joint dysfunctions, to help relieve any pain, and provide you a personalized exercise program that is goal and result -oriented.

Areas Of Treatment:
Hip Conditions
Knee Conditions
Back Conditions & Pain
Shoulder Conditions & Pain
Ankle/Foot Conditions & Pain
Neck Conditions & Pain

Sports Performance & Rehabilitation

Our Sports Performance and rehabilitation services are specifically designed to address your specific sport and athletic goals to establish a plan and program tailored to you. Our goal is to mitigate injuries, improve function and provide strategies to help overcome challenges that come with your specific sport and to maximize your performance efficiency. Additionally, we will provide joint and muscle-specific treatments when appropriate to improve overall functional mobility.

Your sessions will include initial and follow-up functional & sport-specific movement assessments, video analysis (as needed), exercise prescription to address dysfunction or weakness, and implementation of personalized sport-specific programming to achieve your goals.

ACL Prevention & Return to Sport
Running Technique Training

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